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The Georgian Self-Made Man

Throughout history much has been said of the self-made man, that fabled sort who dragged himself up by his bootstraps to make his mark on the world and usually make a fortune at the same time. Sir Richard Arkwright is truly the model of this Georgian dream; from humble beginnings he triumphed through a combination of his own ambition, shrewd …

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THE HANOVER: 300 Years of British-German Royal Ties

2014 marks the 300th anniversary of the Hanoverian accession to the British Throne, a crucial moment in which the new British nation created an original sense of style that is still recognised across the world today. With the death of Queen Anne and the unsuccessful search for a Protestant heir in England, the British monarchy turned to its distant relatives …

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Hampton Court Palace Reopens its Georgian Chocolate Kitchen

Having loved my recent encounters with Henry Jermyn, Cosimo de Medici & the rest of the rogues from London’s 17th century Chocolate House Tour, I was delighted to be offered the opportunity for more confectionary time-travel, on this occasion to meet the legendary chocolatier Thomas Tosier, who resided at Hampton Court Palace three hundred years ago. Mr Tosier was the …

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Rebecca Rideal Reviews ‘The Gin Lane Gazette’ by Adrian Teal

The Gin Lane Gazette Adrian Teal Unbound (2013) What an Age! What a time to walk the Earth! At the end of the eighteenth century, London was a gleaming metropolis with a population of well over a million, whose inhabitants had their fill of coffee houses, ale houses, theatres, pleasure gardens and masquerades. Londoners could spend their days reading the latest …

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The British Library hosts the Georgians

GEORGIANS REVEALED AT THE BRITISH LIBRARY Georgians Revealed – 8 November 2013 to 11 March 2014 – British Library It’s fair to say that being sandwiched in the middle of the Tudors and the Victorians has done the Georgians no favours. Like the Stuarts before them, the Georgians suffer the same level of popular neglect when held up against Henry …

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