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The Georgian Self-Made Man

Throughout history much has been said of the self-made man, that fabled sort who dragged himself up by his bootstraps to make his mark on the world and usually make a fortune at the same time. Sir Richard Arkwright is truly the model of this Georgian dream; from humble beginnings he triumphed through a combination of his own ambition, shrewd …

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Review: Unseen Waterloo, Private Exhibition Launch, Somerset House

Every year since 2009, Sam Faulkner – photographer on other fascinating projects such as ‘Eagle Hunters’ and ‘Cocaine Wars’ – has travelled to the annual re-enactment of the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium to take photographs of ‘modern day’ Napoleonic soldiers.  Faulkner’s photographs give us a highly emotive insight into individual battlefield experience, recreating the faces of those who fought …

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Kathryn Johnson Reviews ‘Five Came Back’ by Mark Harris

That The Second World War changed the world forever is an unquestionable fact. This book explores one of the less obvious impacts – on Hollywood.  Mark Harris’ Five Came Back is a fascinating snap shot – or should that be reel? – of how five of Hollywood’s  most talented, successful and notorious directors – John Ford, George Stevens, John Huston, …

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