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Extradition – A Very Brief History

In October 2012, British Home Secretary Theresa May announced that computer hacker Gary McKinnon would not be extradited to the USA. It marked the end of a ten-year battle. Some commentators argued that the request for extradition should never have been made in the first place and that, once again, it highlighted the unequal Anglo-American extradition treaty. McKinnon, who suffers …

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John ‘Mad Jack’ Mytton – The epic story of an English eccentric

You know those outrageous stories of rich British aristocrats behaving in a very odd manner? Well John “Mad Jack” Mytton is the very pinnacle. What you are about to read will sound made up, but Mytton’s biographer, Charles James Apperley, assures us the modern reader that he told Mytton’s exploits without exaggeration. In general mental heathcare was rudimentary in the …

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Anne Boleyn’s Enduring Appeal

Born in 1501, Anne Boleyn was only eight years old when Henry VIII married his first wife Catherine. By 1522 she would become one of Catherine’s ladies in waiting and eleven years later she would become Henry VIII’s wife.  It lasted less than three years, but it was one of the most significant marriages in English history. We speak to authors …

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BOYS IN THE BOAT – A epic tale from the 1936 Olympics

In 1936 the US rowing team were victorious at Hitler’s 1936 Olympics. In THE BOYS IN THE BOAT Daniel James Brown charts their epic quest for gold in a dramatic new book that has already been optioned by the The Weinstein Company.  A conversation with the author… How did you discover the story that became THE BOYS IN THE BOAT? One day …

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Tudor Assassination – Derek Wilson Writes About His New Book

‘An assassin [is one] that will slay men for money at the instance of every man that will move him to it, and such a man may lawfully be slain…by every private person.’ – Christopher St.German, A First Dialogue in English on  Fundamental English Law and Conscience, 1531, II, xl So wrote the leading legist in Henry VIII’s London in a …

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