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Ylwa Pettersson
Ylwa is from Sweden and took her Bachelor's degree in historical sciences focusing on economic history at Uppsala University. She is currently reading for a Mst in Modern British and European History at New College, University of Oxford. Focusing on fiscal administration and war financing in Sweden and France during the seventeenth century and how preparation for war cooperated with allocating financial resources. She has also been working at Skokloster's castle in Sweden and is interested in strategic and security issues within the Swedish armed forces. Away from history, she competed internationally in figure skating for 10 years in her youth.

High Diplomacy: Bulstrode Whitelocke and the Anglo-Swedish alliance of 1654

A Conversation Starter Bulstrode Whitelocke and the Anglo-Swedish alliance of 1654 Personal relations are highly important when conducting politics today. The first steps towards political decisions are often made through conversations and discussions at an informal level. The same applied to the early modern period, although its unofficial dialogue is harder to trace in the archives. However, oral history gives …

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