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Simon Abernethy

Simon Abernethy is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge studying the relationship between social class and commuting in London. He also makes a mean pear cake.


LADIES FIRST. In 1960 a man from Edgware was cross enough to write to The Times.  Under the title ‘Mammoths of the Tube’ he complained Sir – One complains of the congested conditions prevailing today on the London Underground Railway system. Lately his condition seems to have been aggravated by various females carrying baskets, bags, and other articles which appear …

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Walk this way

Simon Abernethy examines a curious solution to the rise in interwar traffic accidents. … I saw a letter the other day from an indignant gentleman who said he walked where he liked. He intimated that this was a free country and he had every right to walk where he liked. If he walks off the pavement in Oxford Street he …

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