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Jane Dismore

Jane Dismore is a freelance journalist and biographer. Her latest book 'Duchesses: Living in 21st Century Britain' is published by Blink Books and is out now.


The discovery of Richard III’s skeleton may not in itself be sufficient to disprove the dark stories about him but it has revived interest; perhaps one day man and myth will be separated for good. The process was respectful, from the first cut into the concrete, to the last handful of earth crumbled onto his coffin, giving him the dignity …

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An Endangered Species: Britain’s Non-Royal Duchesses

What a joy it is in this internet era, when so much information is ‘out there’ and (it seems) just about everything has been discovered, to find subjects which remain unexplored.  With historical topics, newly-opened archives can offer fresh information. When an area of what might be called living history turns out to be unexamined, it is very exciting. Britain’s …

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