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Derek Wilson is a well-established popular historian with over 70 books and numerous articles, TV and radio programmes to his credit. He specialises in the personalities, ideas and conflicts of the Reformation. You can find his blog here: derekalanwilson.blogspot.co.uk

When Women Ruled Europe

Next year the Church of England will appoint its first female bishop and Hilary Clinton will decide whether to try for the US presidency. We might think that such manifestations of female power were novel. Feminist campaigners and male chauvinists alike could be surprised to learn that 500 years ago women held most of the top jobs in Europe. We …

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Tudor Assassination – Derek Wilson Writes About His New Book

‘An assassin [is one] that will slay men for money at the instance of every man that will move him to it, and such a man may lawfully be slain…by every private person.’ – Christopher St.German, A First Dialogue in English on  Fundamental English Law and Conscience, 1531, II, xl So wrote the leading legist in Henry VIII’s London in a …

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