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Darren Baker
Darren Baker was born in San Diego, California, but grew up near Charleston, South Carolina. He went into the Navy after high school, serving aboard a submarine during the 1980s. He left to attend the University of Connecticut, where he took his degree in modern and classical languages. A backpacking tour behind the former Iron Curtain led him to where he lives today, in the northeast corner of the Czech Republic, with his wife and two children. He is making plans to write a biography of Henry III because, like Simon, he believes he too deserves a new hearing from a modern audience.

Simon de Montfort and all this Parliament business

In this first biography of Simon de Montfort in nearly twenty years, Darren Baker reveals a revolutionary figure who did in fact play a major role in the development of the English parliament. As part of a virtual tour he is undertaking for the book, he explains¬†in this guest article below how that came to pass. Imagine you are about …

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